Monday, June 29, 2009


Hello everyone,
First of all thanks to everyone who came out last week for our riveting discussion on Agamben's biopolitics. I apologize for the lateness of this email.
***IMPORTANT*** This week tapping philosophy will be starting AN HOUR LATER at 9:00 on thursday (today) at Yeat's pub, meeting at 8:30 in Connelly for rides.

Take the normal meeting time, and shift it back an hour. 9:00 tonight at Yeat's 8:30 tonight at Connelly.

This week will be talking about purpose, and it will be the last tapping philosophy of the semester.

A few words:

Since my freshman year in college I have been involved in tapping philosophy in one way or another, but as my senior year comes to a close, it is time for me to say goodbye to tapping philosophy. Tapping Philosophy has been alive for 7 years, and though the people who come now are different, I have seen many of its good qualities maintained and improved. Tapping Philosophy is not just a place and a time and a conversation, but a burgeoning underground intellectual community, that promotes honest creative thinking, the type of thinking that is all too rare. Because of how it challenges people to think in a less restricted environment than the classroom in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way, I am confident that tapping philosophy will continue after my departure.

I want to recognize the people who have been heavily involved in tapping philosophy since its inception. Christopher Continanza, Phil Walsh, Michael Prosch, Charles Girard, Dan Larkin, Paul Livingston, David Schindler, and Sally Scholz, thank you for creating tapping as we know it, and laying the foundation for others to build upon. I'd also like to thank the philosophy department for their willingness to contribute money for appetizers, because as much fun as philosophy is, it is not sustainable without fried calamari, spring rolls, and quesadillas.

I also want to thank Mark Kasten, for taking over tapping philosophy after Chris went to graduate school. Rob, Tom, and myself left Mark with tapping philosophy that year, and he preserved and perfected tapping philosophy without Tom and Rob for a semester, and without me for a year. Without Mark, I don't know what would've happened to tapping philosophy. I also want to thank Mark, Rob, and Tom for the support they provided for the first year that I ran tapping philosophy, and having them bring high standards of intellectual rigor.

Finally, I would like to thank Christina, for her willingness to take a leadership role in tapping philosophy this year. Because of her involvement, tapping philosophy has become more democratic, and this year we had more contributions for topics than ever before, including topics from Rory, Charles, Gil, and Brandon. I am extremely pleased with the high levels of critical thinking and enthusiasm displayed by these individuals through their writing, and I am confident that their enthusiasm will not diminish. If this trend continues, than it bodes well for the longevity of tapping philosophy, and Christina will have set a great precedent through her involvement.

All this being said, Christina and I will both be in the philadelphia area next semester. While I can't speak for her because I know she will be very busy with her job, I will be visiting from time to time to see how things are progressing.

I wish you all the best, and I will see you tonight.

Love and Peace,

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