Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tapping Philosophy: Student Teacher Disconnect

Hello everyone,
Welcome back. I hope you all have enjoyed your break. Christina and I will go over some logistics, and hopefully we'll see some new faces (and some old ones too). This week, and likely most weeks thereafter, tapping philosophy will meet on THURSDAYS at Yeats' pub in Ardmore at 8:00, meeting in Connelly at 7:30 for rides. Charles P Myers has written this week's topic.



It was once said that "brevity is the soul of wit." While I do not claim the latter with this topic as it is written, I do lay claim to the former.

* * *

"From the beginnings of Western philosophy in Plato and Aristotle there have been several noticeable divides between the great philosophers, and their students who have (at times) also been great philosophers. In modernity we have several examples; namely, the (debatable) disconnect between the philosophy of Strauss and his Neoconservative students; the one between Marxism as Marx iterated it, and Marxism as followed by his followers; the disconnect between Marx and Hegel; and the disagreement between Arendt and Heidegger over phenomenology. So for this week's Tapping, the question is: what causes these divides between the philosopher and their students and does one need even to study directly under a philosopher to be a student of their thought? Are these students then gifted with a special understanding of their teacher's opinion, or do their disagreements come from a failure of communication? Are disagreements sometimes a combination of both, or should they be judged entirely on a case by case basis?"

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