Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Philosophy questions itself: Summary

First, Rob introduced the topic of the possibility of the usefulness of the philosophy degreed, and was immediately ridiculed for exploiting the existential anxiety of subjects in a world that does not appreciate the brilliance of philosophers. Gracing us with his presence tonight was Tapping president emeritus, Chris Continanza who assured the table that no matter what you end up doing, you will have a wider and deeper appreciation of the purpose of your task. Much patting on the backs of fellow philosophers ensued, and continued throughout the discussion as we weighed the merits of being able to “think outside the box,” how much we hated that term, and see the larger issues facing society and the economy. Finally, I delivered a poignant message of reassurance from Dr. Carvalho which amounted to the statement that if you do happen to be one of the 90% of undergrad philosophy majors who does not pursue a Ph.D., the knowledge you gain will give you a better and wider perspective on whatever your calling turns out to be. The next task, however, is finding the calling.

Edit: This Tapping Summary was brought to you by Mark Kasten, a recent victim of realpolitik.

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