Thursday, October 25, 2007

Now, I know I just sent out a million invitations to have everyone be able to make posts on this website, but I need to lay down a few ground rules for posting, and state my intentions.

This website is dedicated to Tapping Philosophy, the undergraduate philosophy club at Villanova University. That being said I'd like the format to be something this:

Rule 1)
Posts are reserved for topics and announcements.
This will keep the front page nice and clean

Rule 2)
Responses and criticisms should be situated as comments on a particular post.

Now I know someone is going to come along and think that they have something interesting to say that they think is substantive, and you know what? That's great. However, I warn you, if you are posting something that I think is b.s. or even not philosophically related, I will probably delete the post and remove your authorship capability.

This may seem harsh, but I will qualify it in this way. If I honestly think you intended to post b.s. your authorship is out the window, and maybe you email me or talk to me in person if you want to get it back. If I feel your post was unintentionally b.s. then I might delete it, explain to you why it was b.s., and ask you to think before you post next time.

However, if you're posting something that has good content and is relevant to our philosophical understanding of the world, go right ahead.

Be warned. I will not allow this platform to serve anyone's agenda besides that of the continued evolution of tapping philosophy. If you make one post about environmentalism or something that's cool. Nevertheless, this blog is not about environmentalism categorically, so if you're posting all the time about stuff that may be relevant and happening related to enviornmentalism, but not necessarily philosophical in nature, then I will catch on, and it will stop.

The irony is not lost on me as I make this remark at this particular moment, but this website will not turn into anyone's soapbox. That being said, I like to think of myself as a reasonable person, and I encourage people to post if they have things to say that have worthwhile content and are interesting from an objective standpoint. I will be SOMEWHAT lenient as far as what qualifies as philosophical content, and I will probably be happy as long as your post has a certain critical intellectual rigor.

That. Is. All.

Love and Peace,